Hey, Mario, wanna to mounta youra iPhonea to youra bike?

i’m just going to go nuts here and paste this straight from the product page:

Wanna to have music with your bike? How you could do that? A possible way is to have an armband, but this way will make your music (screen) device not visible and turn your device to a pure music device (e.g. if it has GPS, you may be not able to view it in the front).

Here is a way that may help.

It is designed to mount on the handle of a bike, it is tunable to locate a perfect angle to your while your are cycling and keep your favorite gadget safe and at the touch of your fingertips

Its adustable arms let you to hold from 40mm wide(approx) to 75mm (approx) wide devices, subitable to most of MP3, MP4, iPod, iPhone, PDA, GPS & Mobilephones.

Wanna to have this item in your hand? Senda $14.95 to a deesa nicea people. Donna to wait, ok?