Details on the MSI Wind, a tiny subnotebook I might actually buy

Just reading the stats on this, it looks like MSI’s subnotebook, the Wind (unrelated to the Air) is possibly the best value for a computer on the market today. Check it out, for about $500 you get all this: 10″ LCD, 80GB HDD, a gig of RAM, 1.3MP webcam, 5 hour battery life, weighs in at 2.6lb and built around Intel’s new Atom processor. I don’t usually just plug stuff like this, but it really looks like a great power-to-dollar ratio you’re getting here, and MSI is a good brand. You can even choose Linux instead of XP, though your hardware choices are more limited. MSI US’s manager says:

We designed the Wind to offer mobile consumers all the features of bulkier more expensive notebooks, but with a sleeker lightweight footprint and an affordable sub $500 price point.

Sounds like the usual PR nonsense, but I think they might have actually done it. Keep an eye on MSI Mobile’s site for more details.