Old 486 desktop + ingenuity = dedicated NES emulator

Ain\'t that a pretty picture
Here’s something I didn’t cover in my Emulation Orientation a few weeks back, though I did mention NESticle. A couple guys have decided the most noble job for a venerable 486 is to run the venerable NES emulator full time, complete with controller ports. Find out how they did it here (good luck with doing it yourself).

Of course, there are much, much easier ways to go about this. Every console capable of being hacked has an NES emulator; it’s kind of a rite of passage for the homebrew developers. And if NESticle can run on a damn 486, you can imagine it’ll run just fine on your 360. In fact, you could keep every NES game ever made on the hard drive (it’s less than 150MB) and have the benefits not only of savestates and a cool graphical browser, but also enjoy graphical filters, cycle-exact emulation so every game works exactly right, and so on.

Still, the 486 thing is pretty cool. [via MAKE: Blog]