Car vs. iPhone: Who shall win?

Umm… looks like the car won. Reader Meir ran over his iPhone with a Mercedes — if you’re going to destroy your phone, do it in style, people — and quickly hopped out to retrieve the device, now artfully crazed like a 18th century glazed ceramic chamber pot. His story:

A couple of days ago, due to a series of very unfortunate events my iPhone
found itself being driven over by the back wheel of a big mercedes. The
amazing thing is that my iPhone still works perfectly. The screen has been
shattered to countless pieces, and they keep falling off daily. To tell you
the truth, I have a hard time deciding what to do, keep risking my life with
the iPhone or go back to my older primitive cell phone, not an easy
choice… Almost everyone I showed the iPhone to had the same first
reaction; “It’s amazing this thing still works”

Meir, use the iPhone. Even a shattered, potentially life-threatening Apple cell is better than a brand new, in box Anything Else at the AT&T Store (TM). Friends don’t let friends use sub-standard UIs.

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