Sue-happy Canadians get $45 from Apple

Apple Canada Inc. is offering $45 credits to Canadians who own the first-third generation iPods purchased before June 24th, 2004. This settlement is a result of two iPod owners suing when their one-year-old iPods died after 3 hours of use, not 8 like the packaging claims prompting to subvert the standard image of “nice” Canadians and encouraging them to file a class-action suit stained with bacon grease and Molson.

The deal should be finalized in court May 26th in Montreal and June 20th in Toronto. At that time 80,000 Canadians could be eligible for the credit.

This is not the only suite filed against Apple Canada Inc. The new iPod Nano has prompted one as well. Their claim is, it only has 7.45 gigabytes, not the 8 gigabytes stated on the box. At this time; Apple has not offered a settlement for this case.