Bendable shelf handles RSS feeds and text messages


In what’s sure to be recognized as one of the greatest inventions of 2008 (by me, at least), here’s a shelf that can be bent every which way, thanks to the miracle of “elastomer” AND displays your favorite RSS feeds and any incoming text messages.

It’s called the WaSnake, invented by Jean Louis Frechin for an international furniture show in Milan. That means it’s not real — yet. According to,

“It houses a cluster of coloured LEDs and optical fibres that form a screen. The system is linked to a computer and serves as an interface for selecting and creating information and communication channels. It is also an interface for direct physical contact, by which users choose various display protocols. The operating software is composed of independent units (Widgets) each linked to parts of the shelf.”

Outstanding. I gotta get one of these if and when they come out.