Verb for Shoe: Smartshoes like in Back to the Future II

Picture 22

My car has a thing called automatic stability control. You’ve heard of it, it uses a small computer to make cornering and handling easier and smoother at high speeds in less-than-perfect conditions. VectraSense is bringing a similar idea to your shoes with the Verb for Shoe platform.

It’s a smartshoe with a pair of air bladders controlled by a microprocessor that’s fed information from sensors around the shoe. Depending on what you’re doing, the bladders are emptied or filled as needed.

While the styling of the shoe is questionable, the idea is sound, if not cheap. A pair of these sneakers will set you back almost $700. For the well heeled (ha! ha!) set who wants ultimate comfort in everything, these might be tempting, but I’ll stick with my Chuck Taylors and back aches, thank you very much.