Rumor: Nokia's E71 to drop Thursday

Untitled 2 1 2Nokia’s E71 is a big mystery, like my love life: we know it exists, but it hasn’t surfaced yet, and we know it’s coming, we just don’t know when. That being said, rumors are now pointing towards both happening on May 8, just two days away.

This is a high-end smartphone with ultra-high-end features, like an autofocus camera, super-fast 3G data, GPS, and WiFi, all in a seriously thin form factor.

The full QWERTY keyboard is for us heavy texters. We’re not sure if there will be carrier subsidy, if so it’ll likely be via AT&T to replace the aged E62 that AT&T discontinued some months ago. We’ll keep an eye on this one this week, as many Nokia fans have been waiting for this flat handset.