BlackBerry 9000 reviewed

smBlackBerry9000 01

A few weeks back someone unloaded a few BlackBerry 9000 devices on eBay and everyone assumed they were fake except a few people. Kevin over at was not one of them. He dropped, roughly, $828 based on a few pictures and the belief that not everyone on eBay is a complete scumball. He got lucky and here’s a brief synopsis of what he found.

1. The metal band encompassing the 9000 is not metal. Duh. I could have told you that one. I love my BB and I’ve had the 8820 and 8830. The ‘metal’ finish on the 8820 started peeling off after a few months.
2. The keyboard sits in between the 8800 series and Curve.
3. OS 4.6 is, apparently, phenomenal. “It’s smooth, it’s fast, it’s pretty.”
4. This guy is super enthusiastic about the 9000 and it sort of makes me want to barf. Anyway, the 480×320 HDVA LCD is crisp and bright.
5. It’s 3G!!!

So, it seems like the 9000 falls in between the 8800 series and Curve in terms of weight and dimensions. And the only thing that interested me is that the microSD slot has been moved to the outside, which is something I’ve been wanting on my Curve and 8830. I really want one, but it’ll be months before AT&T or T-Mobile release this. Lucky bastard.