Foosball: Just add beer and 21 of your closest friends


We had a foosball table in one of the houses I lived in during college. We all chipped in $40, times six of us, and boom — a nice $200 never ending source of entertainment. The problem was that the minute we bought the table, we found out we had a bunch of new friends; new friends who happened to love foosball and loved not chipping in for beer even more. I wish we’d had the foresight to build a table like this, because we probably would have been able to charge people to play, which would have covered the cost of the table, beer, and then some.

This table was built by a company called Airworks Inflatables. According to the company’s website, it was an…

Advertising stunt for Amstel beer, for a promo during the european champions league finals. This table could accomadate 2 full football teams (22 players). The table can be fully dismantled and put into 6 flight cases for transport.

Very cool. Also, Amstel is delicious.

via Neatorama