CrunchGear NY Meetup Pixtravaganza!

Hello my pretties! It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for: the big photo upload from the meetup on Thursday. We had a great time and I think it was a huge success. Thanks to everyone who came out, and to our sponsors of course for making it possible. Some answers to questions I know are coming:

  • The photos themselves are of course much bigger but in the interest of getting them up sooner (my bandwidth is limited in this cafe) I downsized them to 1024-ish size.
  • Yes, they are supposed to look like that. The blur/halo effect is a long exposure in addition to the flash. Sometimes it looks cool, sometimes not. I didn’t do it all the time.
  • Sorry if you’re not pictured, I tried to get as many people as possible but I had to throw away a ton of shots due to the usual bad photo circumstances: focus, exposure, framing, etc.
  • The shots are, for whatever reason, in reverse chronological order. I have no idea why. In case you were wondering why there are drunk people eating Korean food first thing.

Lastly, if you really like a photo, drop me an email (devin at crunchgear dot com) and I can send you a bigger version for your personal collection. Thanks again for coming out.