Fun with Twitter fakery: Dvorak versus Rupley

I just got around to watching last Wednesday’s Cranky Geeks video podcast starring John C. Dvorak and Sebastian Rupley (plus a panel of guests that rotate each week) and found this bit to be kind of funny. Dvorak’s step-son apparently set up a Twitter account under “SRupley” and posted updates as Rupley, like:

I belched….mmm…peanut butter. Yum

After 7, no wait, 8 hours, I got tired of watching TV. Going to check out Digg stories and drink wine coolers.

Reading the news while I drink my mocha frappuccino.

Apparently this sort of thing happens all the time until the fake accounts get shut down by the “real” people. Jonathan Ive, Leo Laporte, and Woz, to name a few. In this case, Rupley decided to bite the bullet and just take over the Twitter account for real after Dvorak gave him the password. Others aren’t quite so lucky, though.