Rock Band members and Guitar Heroes: your social network has arrived in uRockHard

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If you’re like me, and I know you are, you love Rock Band. The rest of those guys can have their GTA IV. I’ll be where I belong, behind a cheap-o drum kit with a crappy kick pedal.

There are lots of us, so many in fact that there’s now a social network just for us gaming music fans, uRockHard. It’s a combination of a Facebook and YouTube world, allowing Guitar Hero playing posers to upload videos of their best jams.

You can view the works of others, from Karaoke, Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and there are even channels just for real musicians and even air guitar virtuosos.

It’s all free, and so far seems like a great site. While I might not take much use of it, there are plenty out there who live and breathe games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero, and we think they’re going to eat this up.