Chumby: Casual gaming platform?

I’ve just wrapped my head around the Chumby as sort of a clock radio with a brain and now they want to add games? Albino Blacksheep and Everybody Panic! are offering accelerometer-based “casual games” for the Chumby. When they come around on the screen you pick up the Chumby and swing it around, moving balls and whatever else you need to manipulate on screen.

I really like the Chumby so I won’t harsh on this too much, but it’s kind of a dopey concept. The widgets are rarely on the screen enough to play much of anything. I was wrong. The widgets will stay on the screen as long as you’re playing. So that’s good. They’re also working on adding Flash animations to the Chumby for your viewing pleasure. And you thought it was just a soft, open platform for reading the CG RSS feed.