Beatport's new Adobe AIR download manager helps organize your music (See, it's not always about music piracy)


Lest you all think I’m a nefarious, profit-hating music pirate , I bring word of Beatport’s latest innovation in online music distribution. The music site has developed an Adobe AIR download client that brings the fun of clicking “download now” from your Web browser to a stand-alone program. (If you use twhirl, and follow our sorry lot on Twitter , then you already have AIR installed.) Aside from allowing you to change the downloaded songs’ file-naming conventions (who doesn’t just re-tag everything in iTunes anyway?), there doesn’t seem to be any real advantage to using the new AIR downloader other than novelty. But what a novelty!

Adobe AIR is sorta what Java was supposed to be, a multi-platform development language. Something like that.

I just bought Couture’s “Afterglow (Tom Neville’s At Your Feet Vocal)” and everything went smoothly, aside for that fact that it cost $1.50 and no one in America listens to progressive house.

Look what I do now, buy music.