Nokia drops a trio of mid-range, slick phones


Three new phones to Nokia today, including two that are apparently a variant on the same model. The 6600 Fold is similar to the 6600 Slide, except that it’s a clamshell instead of a slider, as the names would imply. They’re not identical though, as one would assume from the model number.

The slide has a 2-Megapixel camera, OLED screen, 3G connectivity and a flash. The Fold has a 3.2-inch LED, hi-rez display, and is also geared towards music fans. Both can take up to 4GB of microSD.

Nokia also launched a stripped down version of the Slide called the 3600, which has support for Bluetooth-connected GPS, including built-in mapping.

The Fold is interesting for its springy, one-touch opening, like the communicators on the old Star Trek, while the Slide is the smallest Nokia slider yet made. They’re not iPhones, but they are hot.