Do game companies read your message board posts?

Matt Drudge?

How great would it be if game companies took your message board posts seriously, incorporating your constructive criticism into the creation process? Great great, or just great? Either way, 1UP has good news for you—game companies do read message boards, and often take the insane ramblings quite seriously. The piece, sardonically titled “Chairman of the Boards,” looks at two message boards specifically, NeoGAF and QuartertoThree, and how they influence those in the games business. PR people read instant analysis of press conferences; game writers check up on stories they may have missed; executives make fools of themselves (snapped one: “And you’re contribution to society is…what?”).

So while all that time spent on message boards may seem like a giant waste of time*, know that sometimes, maybe, the right people are reading.

*For every minute I spend on a message board, I’m reminded of the line from Proverbs, “Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings.”

Be champions!