NYC Dept of Education has had it with Leopard's Wi-Fi

Most Mac users currently running Leopard may have experienced this little problem; you’re tooling around the interconnected network of world wide web sites and all of a sudden your connection just drops…then reconnects…then drops. Or it’ll look like you’re not connected, but you are. Or vice versa.

9 to 5 Mac is reporting that the aforementioned glitch has aggravated the New York City Department Education enough that it’s “temporarily suspended receiving shipments of new Macs.” My wife is a teacher here in the Boston area and her school-issued Leopard-based MacBook is experiencing the same types of problems.

She’s been asking me why sometimes she can connect to our wireless network and why, at other times, she either can’t connect or is randomly disconnected. At first I tried to play it off like she was crazy, but she reads CrunchGear so she’s gonna know the truth soon enough. The jig is up, in other words.

Anyway, the problem has been reported since back in November but this recent decision by the NYC Department of Education “raised the profile of the long-standing matter,” according to 9 to 5 Mac, and may be addressed very soon in the next 10.5.3 update that we may or may not have been tipped about yesterday.