MobileHook API Available for Web 2.0 Developers

Hook Mobile’s MobileHook API is now available for Web 2.0 application developers. Developers will be able to build multimedia from social networking sites, and include photos, video, audio and slideshows. This API provides open access into Hook Mobile’s MAX 2.0 platform that provides Multimedia Messaging (MMS) delivery into wireless carrier networks.

“We are embracing the openness of social media, offering our APIs to application developers so they can push the user experience out to mobile phones,” said Terry Hsiao, CEO of Hook Mobile. “It will add a level of immediacy and intimacy not easily achieved in social applications, and the result is an experience that leverages the core multimedia assets of the application while un-tethering users from the desktop.”

Hook Mobile’s REST-based API makes it much easier for application developers to use MMS. Hook provides access to the MAX 2.0 platform for mobile delivery across a variety of device types, media formats, diverse carrier network connections and user handset capabilities. The “mobile tab” code base can be integrated into any website, application or widget, standardizing the registration, cancellation, and terms and conditions for all applications.

MAX 2.0 connects application developers with social networks like Facebook, MySpace and Bebo, and delivers content to mobile devices via MMS. Hook Mobile enables the multitude of digital bits to be easily shared with family and friends, connecting them to their mobile lifestyle and offering social media developers a direct path to possible revenues.

“We’re constantly searching for ways to improve the customer’s experience on our products, and Hook Mobile’s API is a fresh approach to doing just that by pushing the media all the way to their mobile phone,” said Vikas Gupta CEO of Jambool, a leading developer of widgets on social networks.

“Integrating with the Hook Mobile API was very straightforward,” commented Naveed Ihsanullah of Thought Labs, “We were easily able to add mobile functionality into our existing code making our vision for Pic2Phone a reality.”

“Mobile has been a tough nut for Facedouble – for 2 years, no aggregator or carrier was able to provide us with the tools (or technical competence) we needed to succeed: 2 way MMS across carriers, resizing of content to fit the target phone, flexible billing, slideshows, good reporting; Hook Mobile’s MAX 2.0 platform does all these things. Bravo!” said Alex Shah Founder of Facedouble.

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