Honda creates warning system for cars entering "crime hotspots" (this won't end well)


I picture myself driving my Honda through the Central District of Seattle on my way to work. It’s a nice day, my windows are down. I stop at a red light. As people cross in front of me, my robo-car chirps "Caution! This area is dangerous!" to me and those around me, then loudly locks the doors. Trouble, people. T-R-O-U-B-L-E.

It will, of course, only be available in Japan for now, and I get the feeling it won’t catch on. Imagine your car telling you to be careful every day as you pull into your driveway? Even if it is based on historical data, it’s still kind of degrading, and kind of unnecessary. Who drives cars in Japan anyway? While I was there, every person I saw was either on a scooter or subway train.