Archos launches GPS unit, live portable TV, and Flash 9 support for media players

Picture 12 1Archos sent out a fairly lengthy press release today updating us to a few new things its doing with its WiFi-equipped media players, including adding live TV and GPS capabilities.

Picture 13 1 2With the new In-Car Holder (that’s its name), the Archos 605 WiFi media player becomes a full-fledged GPS for autos. The holder has GPS functionality, and works with maps stored on the player. It’s a cool idea that anyone with an Archos will like.

Picture 14In addition, Archos is launching a new service for it’s TV+ devicee called TVPortation. It uses the set-top box and your TV’s content and broadcasts it via the Internet so you can watch it on your 605 or 705 video player, live. It’s meant to compete with Sling’s offerings and a few others, but Archos is making a full digital video ecosystem.

In addition, Archos would like you to know that its devices are the first offering a full version of Adobe’s Flash 9 as a way to watch any YouTube, Google Video, or other Flash-based video on the go.