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Comment on Don’t shoot the messenger: Microsoft internal promo video about Windows Vista is hard to watch by Vero Pepperrell

Wow. Dread to think what the conversation was like in the boardroom. “Right guys, we need to make a VIRAL VIDEO. The cool kids use Digg.com and would totally dig this. Get it, get it??”

Cringeworthy, I feel mildly traumatised and certainly not any keener to use Microsoft products.

Urgh, feeling dirty. Must go wash my eyeballs with bleach now. *shudder*

Comment on CrunchArcade: (Call) Sony’s PLAYSTATION Network’s future so bright (Response) How bright is it? by JOSH

can I just say that you are all losers……..? well just thought id ask before i said you were all losers. PS3 FTW!

Comment on CrunchArcade: Prototype being turned into comic book by ryan

I read the title of this and was all like “hell yeah, its about time they made a comic book out of one of the java script libraries that I use”

man, was i disappointed, bla bla bla video game bla bla bla