AT&T exec: The Tubes needs a $55 billion plumber


AT&T says that without heavy investments in hardware and networking from companies like itself, the Internet will be a series of clogged tubes by 2010. While that’s perhaps hyperbole on some levels, he’s right: as the number of people and devices that use the Internet increases, as well as the size of the data payloads people use, the Internet is going to reach capacity.

To make a point, Jim Cicconi, VP of legislative affairs, says that the internet needs $55 billion in the US alone in the next three years to meet capacity.

Where will the money come from? Our broadband bills might be footing the cost in the long run, but the companies that maintain the Internet have enough to keep it going for now. These predictions were made in 2002 about 2006 being the end of the Net, yet here we are.