CrunchDeals: Samsung UpStage for -$50

upstage Time for a new phone? Howsabout the Samsung UpStage? It’s not the newest kid on the block, but it has two screens, plays music, and it’s pretty small.

Here’s a video review by our own John Biggs from about a year ago. He seems unusually upbeat, which is a good sign. Here’s a quote, “How do I like it? I’ve been using it a little bit.”

Anyhoo, has it for -$50 with a new contract. That’s zero dollars, plus a $50 rebate. You can use that $50 to buy a huge microSD card to replace the included 64MB one that comes with the phone. That’s assuming you want to be able to listen to more than an hour’s worth of music.

Sprint Cell Phones [] via dealnews