PS3 firmware gets updated to 2.30 [Update]

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Reader Mark sends us word that the latest firmware, 2.30, is now live for the PS3.

Like the subject says, just turned on my PS3 and updated to 2.30 with the
new Playstation Store. Which is WAY better than the old one. Kind of take a
while to load some icons…but if you highlight over the blank boxes it
displays what it is so it’s cool… Anyway, yeah, new update.

Mark continues to fill us in on the new firmware update with pics and this.

One of the main things I like with the store so far is that Back is the Circle button…before You had to click L1, L2…or something stupid like that which was never labeled to you. Now it’s clearly label and people are used to it as circle is usually back in most game’s menus.

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