CrunchArcade Preview: Guitar Hero Aerosmith

I’ve just returned from playing a little bit of Guitar Hero Aerosmith. It was cool, but it’s basically like playing Guitar Hero 3 or so I thought. It’s all in the details that you most likely won’t notice if you’re playing, though.

The motion capture for Steven Tyler is pretty cool. Apparently he had to work with a camera man during the mo-cap to ensure his groove was accurate. It’s a whole new game in the sense that the tracks are all new and Aerosmith tracks take up 60 percent of it. The venues they played in in year’s past have been recreated. Even the ones that don’t exist anymore, like Max’s Kansas City in NYC.

The backstage area where you would get new guitars and/or switch outfits has been decked out exactly the way Aerosmith’s studio is in Boston. Like I said, it’s all in the details for this upcoming release. That’s it for now. Can’t divulge too much. There were a couple bugs here and there, but nothing that affected game play.