Theater Owners org chief: We need more digital 3-D projectors, but the industry's dragging its feet

NAB 06 024 500 Fithian

Excited for the explosion of 3-D films set to hit in 2009? You can suck it, accordin gto NATO (Nation Association of Theater Owners) president John Fithian, because not enough theaters are outfitted with the proper gear to project the 3-D images.

It isn’t the technology, really, or even the price, it’s the organizations involved. The theater owners want one standard for 3-D projection, and so do the studios, but the deals aren’t happening, and Fithian says if they don’t happen within the next two months, many of the titles due for release next year won’t get the wide distribution they need to make money.

The impasse comes from the organizations between the studios and theater owners, like the people who maintain projectors for theater chains. Hopefully this gets resolved soon, as I’ve been waiting years to see Avatar, and I don’t want to wait any longer.