DIY SLR stabilizer, total cost: a dime

Got a piece of string, a washer, and a screw? Then you’ve got a sweet camera stabilizer. With stuff like this and the Poor Man’s Steadicam, electronic image stabilizers and expensive stationary setups are being given a run for their money. The homebrew solution above seems to be suited to perhaps your kid’s soccer game when the light sucks, or shooting inside at a dinner party where flashes would be uncivilized.

I’ve got a pretty steady hand, but here’s my personal tip for low-light photography. Check your focus, rest your arm on something if you can, even if it’s your knee, and shoot five or six shots in drive mode, staying as still as possible. I’ve gotten clear shots in caves, dimly lit homes, and all sorts of situations even as low as 1/5th of a second.
[via Core77 and DIY Photography]