BFF call for help: Cool Blackberry apps?

Ryan writes:

I’ve posted a lot of comments regarding my fanboydom towards the blackberry. Other than the large amount of MAPI calls made to an exchange server I see nothing wrong with a blackberry on a BES for any business user, technical or non technical.

That being said I’m once again carrying a crackberry after two years with a Q, I’m very excited about it and am totes in love with my new curve. There is one problem. Since I’ve been away from the blackberry for so long I don’t know what awesome apps there are available for it, which is where I need the BFF’s (and real CG kids) help. What are the awesome apps I should load on my new curve?

If I end up loading the app you suggest and you live in seattle I’ll buy you a cocktail, if you don’t live in seattle I’ll send you a picture of me drinking a cocktail.

Help me BFF’s your my only hope

Help him out here.