$100 coffee? From cat droppings? Sure!


No, coffee isn’t a gadget per se, but judging by Twitter and what I know about some of the many bloggers out there, a hell of a lot of you need the drink to make it through the day. Don’t see me before I’ve had my first cup ‘o joe, lol! Quite.

Be that as it may, would you be willing to pay 50 quid, or about $100, for a cup of coffee? Even if said cup of coffee was made from cat droppings? You would? Excellent!

A London store is selling coffee, espressos and lattes (oh my!) with the special ingredient, which comes from an Indonesian bean. No, I don’t know how that works, either. Since only 450lbs of the bean are harvested every year, you’ll have to pay though the nose to partake.

And to think I pay $2 every day for that Mud coffee that’s sold ’round here. Anyone in the audience willing to pay $100 for coffee, other than as a gift?

via Drudge Report