HP Mini Note launches this month: Netbook can run Linux or Vista


HP‘s the latest computer maker to jump on the netbook bandwagon. (Netbooks, of course, are those super small laptops only good for things like surfing the Web and checking e-mail. They’ll be big in the cash-strapped education market.) Its Mini-Note, which should go on sale later this month, is powered by one of those Via processors we’ve been hearing a little about lately.

If this mini-computer sounds like the Eee PC, that’s because they’ll be competing for the hearts and minds of the same people. Yup, they’re direct competitors.

The Mini-Note, which has an 8.9-inch screen and weighs something like 3 pounds (or less!), can be configured either with Linux, which you may be familiar with, and Vista. I guess if you want to torture your students you’d get the Vista model.

In looking at that artsy photo, I automatically get the sense that the Mini-Note (and others like it, I suppose) would do quite well in a college setting. Taking notes, browsing the Web, etc. I don’t need a MacBook Pro to do that, no sir.