Creative peripherals made fun and EAsy with Novint's Falcon

You see all these console and PC peripherals out there, from the Wii wheel to the Wolf King we’re giving away. Rock Band is probably the most salient example of games driving peripheral sales, but Novint, creator of the potentially-awesome-but we-understand-if-you’re-skeptical-about-it Falcon, has a different approach. They went straight to the dark side: Electronic Arts. By impressing the big guys with their technology, they got insider access to EA’s developers. It’s like a new race in the Federation that’s so hungry for power that they go straight to the Borg.

Now, instead of making mods and tech demos, they have a library of full commercial games to develop for and the ability to work alongside the developers for future integration as well. The next step is getting the price of the hardware down, but having an in with the biggest game publisher in the world is a major step toward prosperity.