'N-Tune' keeps your guitar in tune, get it?


The Seattle Post-Intelligencer (I’m still not convinced that’s a real word) is running a bit on a new built-in guitar tuning doodad. New in the sense that it’s a new product but not new in the sense that foot pedal tuners or Gibson’s robot guitar have filled the tune-your-guitar-easily void for a while now.

But the N-Tune looks like a relatively simple and hassle-free way to tune your guitar just as you would with a regular battery-powered tuner — except you don’t have to try to find the tuner amongst all your gear. It basically consists of a knob underneath your guitar’s volume knob. You pull out the volume knob, which mutes the guitar’s output and allows you to tune it against LED lights on the tuning knob. Professional installation is suggested (at around $20) and the device itself costs under $100.

Product Page: N-Tune.com