NYT: All this blogging will kill us


A little meta for my tastes, but today’s Old Gray Lady has an article explaining how blogging will slowly kill all us bloggers. While I’m sure some of you would say, “Where’s the problem?” I thought it was neat to see the Times even acknowledge the work of some of us. There’s quotes from bossman Michael Arrington and some of my friends over at Gizmodo.

Common threads include little to no sleep, weight gain and social isolation. If anything, I’ve gotten into better shape because of blogging (something about sitting in front of a computer screen all day makes me want to head to my Rikers-style gym most evenings), but I can totally see how damaging the lifestyle could be; it’s not normal. I won’t say it’s a “woe is us” article—I know those of you with a “real” job would punch us in the face for complaining about doing this—but just know that the gig isn’t all reviewing gadgets and downloading from BitTorrent.