CrunchArcade: PSP games bought on Network Store decrypted, can be played on any system


Seems some clever coders (or hackers, whatever you want to call ’em) have figured out a way to decrypt PSP games bought from the PlayStation Network Store. The code can only be applied to PSP games that work on said PSP (like, if you buy a PSP game then you can decrypt it using your PSP), but once the game has been decrypted, it can be played on any PSP running a custom firmware.

I must say, once you hack the PSP and have access to its large library of [largely] so-so games, the system becomes a lot more valuable. This weekend I’ve been playing the Grand Theft Auto games, biding my time until GTA IV comes out, as well as Final Fantasy Crisis Core, which, I know is good, but I feel a little weird playing the prequel to a game that came out when I was 11. I’m a lot more likely these days to throw a controller across the room then figure out how to beat Emerald Weapon or how to properly breed a golden chocobo.

We’re probably a bit overdue on a “how to hack your [system]” feature here. I’ll put it on my list of things to do.