To spark interest in robots, man wants to build 60-foot-tall Gundam


In order to form a more perfect union and get kids interested in robots and robotics (but not cockfights), some Japanese guy, Takayuki Furuta, created blueprints to build a 60-foot-tall Gundamn. The total cost of such a robot comes out to $742 million, which is, I think, the price Haliburton charges for a single tire. in Iraq. (Oh no, he’s getting political!) Furuta, realizing that the credit crunch will prevent him from raising such capital, has said that he’d be cool with building a 13-foot-tall version.

That’s almost the size of two Lebron James(es) stacked on top of each other. Tall. And only sorta average in the paint.

Furuta says the Gundam could be finished by as early as 2011, just in time for John Biggs’ 36th birthday.