Blu-ray could lose out to new format with 20,000 times the capacity in just five years

optical disk

While we maintain that Blu-ray represents the end of the optical disk for media storage, there are signs that we might be wrong. Professor Min Gu of Swinburne University of Technology has a group of scienticians working on a new optical disk with 20,000 times the capacity of a Blu-ray disk. You could, in effect, have an entire video store, every song ever recorded, and my vast collection of exotic pornography on one disk.

The technology is only about five years off, but that’s really not a long time. This would mean optical technology would vastly outpace magnetic technology, meaning the future DVD would hold much more than an equivalent hard drive.

It’ll work through utilizing layers in the disk using new forms of nanotechnology and even quantum theory. It sounds sci-fi, but it’s real, and I can’t wait.