Blast Knuckles self-defense accessory delivers 1.9 million volts (!?)

Raiden? went out of business in 2010 for being too funny for its own good. But one time, in 2008, it came up with a list of safety-themed gadgets that no self-respecting someone would be caught dead without. You wouldn’t be dead because you had these gadgets to defend yourself, obviously.

I’ll mention only one here, these Blast Knuckles, because the name alone actually, in some stupid way, made me halfway chuckle. And I learned a little bit of science when looking them up.

The Blast Knuckles deliver, I kid you not, 1.9 MILLION VOLTS. I asked renowned physicist Dr. Matt Hickey his opinion on them, and he said, “that many volts would still overcome any resistance and FRY you.” Strong words from the doctor.

Oh, and they’re only $120. Sounds like we’re in store for one heck of a weekend, much like the kind Dr. Hickey had with his Seattle friends with that shocking iPod gage.