A Somewhat Reasonable Stance: More nudity in games please

These guys have a few good points and a lot of non-points. Like television, the gaming world is overrun with graphic violence and, increasingly, swearing, but sex and nudity are still considered completely taboo. There is, of course, no good reason for this other than to avoid flak from religious and parenting groups — and of course they’re all already in total war mode against everything from Mass Effect to GTA IV regardless of rating.

But hey, the rating says M, right? You go to an R-rated movie, you expect a little skin. Why not with games? Sex surrounds us, so why is it meticulously removed from the stories, dialogue, and locations even in the most violent or well-written game? Sure, you get the odd mini-game or cutscene but it’s nearly always throwaway or compromised because of liability. The writers of the article appear to be more interested in seeing a pair every once in a while than with creating serious content, but hey, we’ve gotta start somewhere.
[via Kotaku]