CrunchArcade: Cigarette-like warning label could soon be on UK video games


As we all know, violent video games like “Grand Theft Auto IV” turns children into trained, merciless killers like the guy from “No Country for Old Men.” It’s such a problem that a proposal in the UK will force game makers to put cigarette-style health warnings on packaging. Furthermore, if retailers don’t coöperate, that is, by selling violent video games to children, they could face anything from a fine to a five year prison sentence. Five years, really?

I like one of the comments in the original Times article:

If we were just simply to chop childrens hands off at birth. That way we don’t have to worry about these evil games and them shovelling fast food into their mouths… problem solved

Yes, let’s ban everything everywhere in the name of safety. Never mind personal responsibility.