Apple comes to agreement with Japanese "aiphone" maker

A Nagoya-based company, Aiphone, just announced that they have come to an agreement with Apple on using the iPhone name in Japan. Nervous Nellie types are thinking this means a 3G iPhone is coming like TOMORROW and it will totally kick ass. People: there is no reason to sell the 3G iPhone in Asia before they sell it in the US. Asia is saturated with so many cool devices that it would be like trotting out your prize dog at a horse show: sure it’s a pretty dog, but the horses would kill it. Slow and steady wins the race. We haven’t even seen FCC proof of a 3G iPhone — unless Steve is skirting FCC laws by launching in Asia first. Who knows. Regardless, there is still a year left on AT&T’s exclusivity and nobody is about to blink before that is over.