Another airline to consider when making your suborbital space travel plans

Here’s the Lynx, from XCOR Aerospace out of California. It’s a cute little two-seater that’s capable of taking off from a standard runway and flying you up almost 40 miles into space so you can truly appreciate how big the oceans are.

You’d say to the pilot, “Hey have you heard that Irish drinking song called ‘Big Strong Man’? They claim that the guy is so big and tough that he ‘drank all the water in the sea and he walked all the way to It-a-ly.’ That’d be impossible, right captain?”

But surely, I digress. The Lynx will be ready to go in 2010 and “will offer affordable access to space for individuals, researchers and educators,” says XCOR CEO Jeff Greason, which is just a roundabout way for him to tell us all that he’s very wealthy because I can guarantee you that I won’t be able to afford a ticket for one of the inaugural flights. They will offer several flights each day, though, so maybe I could fly standby or something.



via Businessweek