Craigslist hoax turns out to be pretty craptastic

craigslist Not cool, man. Not cool. Two fake ads surfaced on saying that Jacksonville, Oregon resident Robert Salisbury “was forced to leave the area suddenly and his belongings, including a horse, were free for the taking,” according to a report by KGW News.

Salisbury returned home to find upwards of 30 people ransacking items from his barn and the exterior of his home. When he told the people that he didn’t place the ads and asked them to stop taking his stuff, many of them waved printouts of the ads at him and insisted they weren’t doing anything wrong.

Local police have issued amnesty to anyone who returns Salisbury’s belongings but haven’t been able to get everything back or find out who posted the fake ads in the first place. The horse was returned, which is good because horses are really expensive aren’t they? Like, more expensive than cars in some cases, right?