Mio launches foursome of inexpensive GPS units

[photopress:526216540001_392_1.jpg,full,left]Mio’s dropped a quad of new dash-bound GPS units that are aimed at first-time buyers. The Moov series now has four additional units, the 300, 310, 200 and 210.

The 300-series have 4.3-inch widescreen touchscreens, while the 200-series have 3.5-inch screens in a more squarish form factor.

The 200 and 300 have 20-channel GPS receivers and built-in speakers for driving directions, while the 210 and 310 have the same with the addition of real-time traffic updates.

They retail prices for these new GPS units starts at $179 for the 200 and goes up to $249 for the 310 and should hit the shelves on April 1st.

Mio Technology ‘Moovs’ You with the Launch of New GPS Line [Press Release]