NBA games coming to theaters in 3D

glasses Smart guy, that Mark Cuban. He knew that people with high definition TVs would rather watch a show about dolphins in HD over anything else being broadcast in standard definition so he invested a bunch of money into HD programming. Now he’s betting that people will actually want to watch professional basketball if it’s broadcast at a public theater in 3D. Hell, I’d go.

Next Tuesday, Cuban’s Dallas Mavericks will be playing the LA Clippers and the game will be shot in 2D for regular broadcast and 3D for a special public viewing on a 40-foot screen at the Magnolia Theater in Dallas. Cuban says,

“I think 3-D will play a huge role in out-of-home entertainment for the next few years. It will be a unique experience for watching sports, concerts and special events that only theaters will be able to offer.”

He could be on to something too. Going to the theater for a general screening gets less and less appealing as flat panel TVs get bigger, better, and cheaper. Things like 3D sports and concerts could make for an interesting night out.

Live hoops game gets 3-D treatment in Dallas theater [Reuters]