Android phone from HTC will be called 'Dream'


Previously codenamed “Dream,” the Android-based Google phone coming from HTC will be called — drumroll please — “Dream,” according to IDG News Service.

This information comes from “a person close to the situation,” so it’s possible that we’re not much further along than we were back in early November when we told you that HTC’s Google phone was codenamed — drumroll please — “Dream,” and that the specs looked awfully similar to the HTC Omni pictured above.

More details, according to IDG…

“HTC’s Google handset is just over 5-inches long and 3-inches wide, with a keypad underneath the screen that either slides out or swivels out. The aim of the keypad is for easy e-mail, note-taking, and writing Web addresses. Internet navigational controls are situated below the screen on the handset.

The handset will likely hit the market near the end of this year, the person said.”

HTC names Google phone, ‘Dream’ [IDG News Service/Infoworld]