Welcome to the club Verizon, but you're still CDMA


Verizon’s Open Development Device Conference started this morning and details of the ‘any device, any applications’ were revealed. I have to applaud Verizon for making such bold moves, but the fact remains, CDMA just isn’t worth it. Both Verizon and Sprint have some amazing devices, but I’ll never switch to either network full-time because I can’t take it outside the country. Apps shmaps. Bottom line is that CDMA pales in comparison to GSM. As a consumer, I want to be able to take my device outside the country and use it. At the very least, I want to take my SIM card with me and have the option of dropping it into a different device.

Look at AT&T, for example. You can bring in any GSM-based device and you’ll be up and running in no time. They also have a dedicated section where you can go and find all the apps they currently have. Developers are also welcome. Again, I’ll applaud Verizon for opening up, but they’re playing catch-up and CDMA just isn’t that great.

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Verizon’s Open Development