Sanyo releases new entry-level pocket camcorders to Japan, possibly US headed


Sanyo’s Xacti line of pocket camcorders are sweeter than they first appear. We checked out a similar model to this CG9 (CrunchGear 9!?) at CES and were a little amazed at how a tiny fixed-focus, non-zooming camcorder made things look.

These aren’t cameras to make your epic movie with, but for if you’re a web video junkie and you want to make sure you’ve always got something handy in case Zeppelin gets back together, you run across Bigfoot, or you see Winehouse half-way sober, then they’re the cameras you should look at.

Expect the pricing to be very low, as these very-entry-level cameras are going for the mass market, not just us nerds. They’re available now in Japan, no word on when — or if — they’ll make the swim over here.

Xacti CG9: The Ultimate User Friendly Xacti by Sanyo [Akihabara news]