Onkyo debuts pair of entry-level HDMI-handling AV receivers


Onkyo makes good home theater gear, and today we get word of two new affordable receivers. They’re coming out in April, and they seem pretty sweet, as far as how they spec out. The TX-SR576 and 506 both come in black or silver, feature daul audio zones, 5.1 Dolby and DTS, and multiple HDTV inputs, including 3 HDMI inputs and two component video inputs. For audio, the receivers have two optical and two coaxial, so those of you with multiple game systems are well served.

The main difference between the two is how they handle HDMI. The 506 basically acts as an HDMI switcher, where as the 576 has a decoder on the HDMI bus. If you’re planning on making HDMI your main interface, then the 576 is the one to look to at $479. If you have a healthy mix, you’re fine with the $379 506.

Onkyo Debuts Entry-Level A/V Receivers With Powered Zone 2, Audyssey Dynamic EQ and More [Press Release]