Apple makes 'Toxic Ten' list: Lousy recycling program, possibly dangerous chemical found in headphones


Apple hates the environment? Condé Nast seems to think so, placing the company on its “10 Worst Corporate Polluters” list. Interesting, then, that Condé Nast accepted Apple’s cash, despite its hatred of the environment, to advertise the MacBook Air on pages two and three of March’s Portfolio magazine. That’s kinda odd, no?

And what exactly is Apple’s sin? Apparently there’s a chemical called phthalate that’s found in the company’s headphone cords. Phthalate is “thought” to cause birth defects. Oh, and Apple’s computer recycling program isn’t quite up to par, as determined by Portfolio.

Like, am I supposed to stop using my iMac now? What’s the point of that list, to create awareness? Look, I’m aware now; I don’t care.

The Toxic Ten [ via Gawker]